TEDxStockholm: The Theme of 2015 is “Differentia”

TEDxStockholm has announced their next major event, scheduled to be held during the beginning of 2015. Titled “Differentia”, it will focus on the concept of diversity and the potential of creating innovative solutions in society by coming together from very different professional and cultural backgrounds. TEDxStockholm is inviting fans to contribute to their pool of speakers by suggesting their favorite for their chance to win a free ticket.
Living in a global and perpetually evolving world calls for uniting influential individuals to make a positive change. After featuring over 40 different artists and speakers throughout a period of only two years, TEDxStockholm’s event productions have become among the most successful of their kind in Europe. Given TEDxStockholm’s previous success, “Differentia” will be produced to be a major whole-day conference event for TED fans and local innovators, entrepreneurs, and artists.
In order for the idea of “Differentia” to be successful, everyone has to be involved. The Stockholm community includes a plethora of diverse individuals with even more unique worldviews aching to make a positive impact on the community. Therefore, TEDxStockholm invites all TED fans, innovators, entrepreneurs, and idea lovers to give their part in being different to make a difference. To contribute, TEDxStockholm fans can from now on suggest their own speakers who they deem to be a different thinker with the potential of influencing their community for the better.
Everyone interested is required to fill in a short poll stating their preferred speaker and reasons of why this individual can leave their mark within the community. Should their suggested speaker be chosen, the participant has the chance to win a free ticket to TEDxStockholm’s mega event of 2015: “Differentia”! All further details can be found on TEDxStockholm’s website and social media pages:
If inspiration for a speaker can’t be found at every corner, the TEDxStockholm website features some fantastic highlights from previous events including Uncharted Waters, the most successful event of 2013. View official footage of the event by clicking on the video below:

TEDx is an open-source community of independently organized events that inspire innovation, thought leadership, and visionary insights.
TEDxStockholm is our way of creating such a community in the city we love, together with like-minded people.

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