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I v?r strategi att paketera omvärldsbevaknings och Big data omr?dena, kommer nu Erik Larsson leda arbetet med att bygga upp en eCommerce process och portfölj genom nya marknads kanaler riktad till nya kundsegment med upphottad paketering. De vanligare kunderna i detta segment kommer hanteras som tidigare genom en Business to Business orienterad innesälj organisation, medans vi breddar direktförsäljningsutbudet till nya typer av kunder, där text och data-mining i kombination med media bevakning kommer vara en allt viktigare del i företagens affär. Detta kommer att riktas till inte bara traditionellt medieintensiva bolag som Media, PR och Kommunikationsbyr?er utan till exempel Konsumentprodukt industrin, Bank/Finans och Försäkringsbranchen och annan data intensiv industri med m?nga konsumenttransaktioner.
Aitellu Technologies AB has demerged from Aitellu AB which was founded as a spin-off from Chalmers Technical University in Gothenburg. The origin was specializing in data analysis and visualization, and started with the idea of helping large companies ?making sense of? the large amount of data that constantly is piling up, but where they?re having trouble to make business critical information actionable.
We have always cultivated curiosity and promoted innovative thinking for every new project we?ve worked with, which has lead us to acquire probably the broadest technical knowledge in our field and maintaining a wide perspective in regards to the best solutions for each client and their individual challenge.
With the broad knowledge and experience around various solutions , we have found that two main challenges surface regularly. Two different methods for data analysis. One method enables us to analyze great amounts of TEXT data in order to extract relevant information. The other method which derives from Genetic Programming gives us the possibility to identify patterns in historical numeric data, and thereby outcome in the future.
With this experience, we have now built a product our technology to make it much more accessible for the many companies,
in a well wrapped user interface, to be used as a great tool for better decisions. The modules are wrapped in to the Product AI ACT (Artificial Intelligence helping you to act onAnomalies, Changes and Trends of your Big Data)

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